Buffalo Creek Consulting delivers quality, meaningful products and services that benefit organizations. We provide an independent analysis and form recommendations based on more than 35 years of experience with organizations of all sizes, spanning broadly diverse mission areas.

Leveraging a solid foundation in applied behavioral sciences, proven methodologies and our own proprietary models, we have a demonstrated record for developing organization effectiveness and increasing positive impact.




Our organization assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your organization and the challenges that are preventing you from achieving optimal potential and performance. Often, there is speculation about why and lots of “if we only would…”. Our diagnostic method allows us to get beyond the anecdotal and discover and / or validate the root cause.

We tailor our approach to your organization and ensure we gather data from a variety of the most relevant sources. Our analysis transforms data into meaningful information. Trends and themes for critical aspects of your business are culled out to provide a valid “snapshot” of the current environment, culture, challenges and the impact, both realized and potential, of your organization.

You will receive a documented, data-driven analysis which replaces anecdotal speculation. Specific, actionable recommendations include both the benefits and the risks of implementation to help you prioritize meaningful next steps.



All too often companies operate in a reactive state. As both internal and external forces drive day-to-day operations, organizations find it more challenging to visualize the future and set realistic goals.

Designing an organization isn’t limited to just efficiency and effectiveness or drawing boxes. Buffalo Creek’s design approach builds on delivering value and defining an environment that calls your employees to be the best they can be. Starting with an understanding of your organization’s current state and a vision for what you want your organization to be, we will develop a roadmap and help you achieve the outcomes and impact you desire.

Our Organization Playbook provides the clarity on your key organization direction, the customers you serve, clarity on the products and services and related quality, a comprehensive workflow, role and skill clarity and a structure that is designed to enable your organization to meet your goals. Playbook documents are often used not only for onboarding new employees but as the central document to ensure common understanding across the organization.


When an organization has a strong sense of purpose and clearly articulated vision, and a strategy to guide them, there is a compelling energy that energizes employees and draws in customers. Strategic planning determines exactly where your organization is going over the next few years and how it’s going to get there. A strategic plan is a coordinated and systematic way to develop a course and direction for your company.

Strategy begins with leadership and ends with everyone in the organization “owning” the strategy. In our experience we have seen and believe the greatest impact of a strategic plan is the intangible benefit derived in the development. Buffalo Creek works initially with select leaders to gain alignment on a high-level draft strategy. From there we widen the circle of involvement ensuring representatives from across the organization – and sometimes even broader – are included and have an opportunity to contribute and refine the draft, inform decisions, and drive concerted action.

Our goal is to facilitate a process that energizes those involved and creates a sense of shared ownership of the plan, such that implementation becomes the way of working and the defined outcomes are broadly understood, serving as the north star for the organization. The documented strategy provides a useful reference point supporting decision making and prioritization, so daily distractors are kept in check, with specific milestones, defined metrics, and clear accountability.



High performing teams rarely “just happen”. Successful teams are developed and attention to team dynamics is the means to ensuring team performance and the elevation of teams to the next level of productivity and effectiveness. A team is more than a collection of individuals; teams are dynamic systems created to achieve results beyond the sum of the individual contributions. Teams have their own personality, expectations, unspoken rules, vision, and blind spots.

Buffalo Creek’s approach to developing high performance teams is customized to your organizations’ s unique situation. Teams today are cross-functional, cross-cultural, cross-generational, multi-level, and virtual; they may be project or task teams, multi-level management or executive teams, boards of directors, merged organizational teams, and joint ventures/alliances. We assist teams who are just starting up, adding new members, struggling or just want to fine-tune what is already working well.

Our approach can be one or a combination of: targeted development programs, facilitated sessions, use of diagnostic assessments, coaching, and off-site or back country retreats. Each approach is designed to effectivly address challenges, build cohesiveness and optimize team performance, productivity, and results.

Our goal is to transform a collection of individuals working together into an inspired, engaged and motivated team who deliver results and also value and enjoy working together.


Leadership requires the ability to set a vision, energize first followers and motivate others to align towards a common goal. It is a delicate balance of loyalties to the organization, governing stakeholders, employees and being true to oneself. A leader must have courage, conviction, and compassion, while building shared trust. The intense pressures executive leaders operate under can also lead to counterproductive behaviors — turf battles, conflicting egos and a lack of alignment can stymie performance and cascade through your entire organization. Leaders must see the nuances and hold a holistic view of the organization to be strategically effective. Navigating diverse global trends, unpredictable economic forces, and rapidly-changing business cycles demand specific skills and abilities.

Buffalo Creek offers customized leadership development programs, training, and executive coaching. We tailor our approach to meet a variety of different points in a leader’s growth – leaders in transition, guiding organizational changes, transforming their organizations, dealing with succession planning and other challenges. We also work with developing up-and-coming leaders and high performers. We coach leaders one-on-one or with their teams to create greater awareness of their strengths and blind spots, increase their effectiveness, and achieve their goals and desired outcomes.

Our goal is to instill sustainable leadership behaviors and grow lasting leadership capacity within your organization. In turn, your leaders will grow more good leaders who foster engaged employees and influence the success and outcomes of your organization.



There is no more powerful combination — or one more fundamental to success – than a robust partnership between a senior organizational leader and a strong, independent board of directors. In for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations, board responsibilities go beyond traditional governance and oversight. Today, boards are expected to provide strategic guidance, help shape culture and hold management accountable for improving performance and sustainability. Ideally, boards are strategically focused and agile with the competencies and intellectual capital to address the toughest strategic and operational challenges. When paired with a smart, forward-thinking executive who communicates well, motivates people and delivers against the mission, the combination is unstoppable.

Buffalo Creek provides a full range of Board services, including evaluation and enhancement of current board competencies and gap identification, onboarding, strategy, goal and outcome workshops and retreats, governance definition and succession planning.

Our goal is to help ensure you have the right people serving and aligned to the vision of your organization; that effective communication between the board and management is in place and that roles, governance and decision making are clearly defined, enhancing and expediting impact results.



Understanding what is important – what is of value – to your customers from the time they perceive a need and throughout the relationship lifecycle is critical to developing successful customer relationships. Often the daily demands of business divert attention or make it difficult to really understand what your customers experience when doing business with you. Yet understanding what is most important to your customers when they interface with you is critical to developing a positive experience, one that keeps customers coming back. To create value for your customers, you must first understand what your customer values.

Some companies are starting from scratch. Some are looking to refresh their existing CX approach. Others may be emerging from a merger or acquisition. No two companies are alike, so we listen to you to learn about your company and understand your current goals. Then we roll up our sleeves and work with you to build a solid customer experience strategy.

Buffalo Creek provides a proven methodology for gathering data about what is important to your customers – what they value – from the time they have a perceived need until they are relating the whole experience to their friends, families and colleagues. We further help you to implement the means to meet and address those values and develop meaningful performance measures allowing rapid, continuous improvement.

Our goal is to help you can design your competitive advantage. Ultimately there are only seven desired customer behaviors. We work to help you create the environment and experience that elicits the behaviors paramount to your success and sustainability.


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